Please Check The Fitment Table For the Style of Lidlox You Are Looking For.

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The universal kits with the expanding rubber plugs will install into the ends of any hollow handle bars.  The 7/8 and 1 inch refer to the Bars Outer Diameter.  The exception to this is aluminum bars which are thicker and have smaller inner diameters.  The 6000 and 8000 series kits install on bars with internal threads.  They are 6mm and 8mm kits.  Simply remove your bar end weight and see if your bike uses a 6 or 8 mm bolt.  You can sometimes replace the OEM bar end weight but most times the Lidlox will add on to the end of your OEM bar end weight.  The bolt length for the Lidlox needs to be about 10 mm longer that the stock bolt plus what it would take to put the Lidlox on the end.  Bolt length is specified from UNDER the head to the tip of the threads.  Watch this video to figure out the bolt you need. Email me if you need help with this.